Computer Repairs

Please contact me using the contact details above to arrange a visit; often the simplist steps can get your computer or device running again. That's why on most occasions I can fix a problem in one visit, and this is what I will always do when possible.

Tips and tricks

"Turn it off and on again"

This is a mantra that is often negatively connected with the IT world, however it is true that in lots of circumstances a re-boot can sort the problem.

If, for example, your network printer is not responding when you try to print it might be that it has disconnected from the network to save power - you could go through the settings on the printer to re-connect it, or just turn it off and on again to force the process.

Likewise, sometimes a mobile device will not be connecting to the internet - bugs in mobile software can sometimes cause this malfunction and re-booting the phone removes the circumstances that have caused these bugs by forcing a blank slate.

Check your email ports

These days many email providers do not use the default ports for sending and receiving email (ports can be thought of as the different holes in the sieve through which the internet runs) as they have sadly been used by spammers. If you are not able to access email using the SMTP port of 25, try 465 or 587. If you are using a mobile device that doesn't let you specify the port then append the Server Address with ":port-number" so "" would become "".