Speed Boosts

Clearing out the gunge

You don't always need to make hardware or operating system changes to make your computer run fast again. Often it is a question of removing the gunge that has got into the system - an engine doesn't continue to perform well if the air, oil, and fuel filters are blocked; it's a similar situation with a computer. If your system is running slowly, try the steps outlined on the left of this page. If you feel that you would like some assistance carrying out these steps, please contact me using the details above to arrange a time that I can visit and take you through the steps.

Hardware upgrades

Sometimes a hardware change can make all the difference, especially with an older machine. Increasing the memory of your machine means there's more available for the modern programs the invariably require more; replacing the moving disk of a hard drive with the solid memory of a solid state drive reduces seek times and increases read and write times meaning a system can run a lot faster. Please contact me using the details above to arrange a visit where I can decide if either or perhaps both of these upgrades are right for you. In the event that they are, I promise to keep to the Timescales as outlined here.