Sites from scratch

Websites tailored to suit your needs

Although building a site from scratch requires more time to complete as you are creating the framework for content to fill, instead of just filling an exisiting framework with content as would be the case with a website theme, there are some major advantages to using a theme.

Whether your site is to sit on a Content Management System and therefore needs to be compatible with that system, or if you have specific design ideas that are just not met by an exisiting theme, a site built from scratch will look, feel, and perform exactly how you want it to. You have the flexibility to decide exactly what fonts and colours you want; how you want your buttons and links to look, and where on the page different pieces of content will appear in both desktop and mobile mode. In the Portfolio section of this site you can see some sites that I have built from scratch.

If you would like me to build you a site from scratch, please contact me using the details above.